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Whether you are an Indie TV/Film Producer, Influencer or Creative, we provide you with legal & biz knowledge to help you grow as visionaries and storytellers with our Online Courses, Contract Templates and the Legally Hollywood Podcast.

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I’m an Entertainment Attorney, and Intellectual Property Attorney (which is a fancy name for Trademarks and Copyrights) and a creative (I’m a SAG Actor).

 I’m definitely a strange hybrid.  As a lawyer and creative, I relate to the industry in different ways, but I bring a unique mix and a deeper and practical understanding for what creatives need.

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The world is a different place for creatives. Influencers have tremendous reach with the rise of social media.  While Indie TV/Film Producers have more opportunities with streaming services. If you have the PASSION and the DRIVE, as Marie Forleo would say, “everything is figureoutable.”  There is nothing that should stop you, now let me equip you with legal resources to bring your passion to life!

 Micro-Influencers-->If you just started your blog or consider yourself a micro-influencer who wants to protect yourself from brands, other bloggers and protect your content, this is for you!

 Indie TV/Film Producers--> Whether you are a first-time producer aiming for the Film festival circuit or itching to finally pitch your TV series to a streaming service, but worried you are legally unprotected, then this is for you!

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Online Courses, Contract Templates and a free Podcast are cheaper than hiring an attorney. A standard price for a NYC Entertainment attorney is about $500 AN HOUR.  You will save the equivalent to hundreds and thousands of dollars with these resources.

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I’ve heard your frustrations. There are barely simplistic legal, educational resources for Indie TV & Film Producer and Influencers. It can be an intimidating area and unnecessarily overly complicated. That’s why I’ve broken down the legalese, and I’m providing online courses and contract templates in plain English.

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I understand the industry, I have over 20 years in the entertainment business. Contracts and legal resources are drafted by Nic, a licensed attorney in New York and New Jersey. Unlike other attorneys who generally practice Business Law and draft contract templates and courses, this is my niche. Not only have I been a part of the entertainment industry as a performer, but I specialize in Entertainment Law, and understand the specific deal points necessary to protect Indie TV/Film Producers, Influencers and Creatives.